Tech Specs

Size and weight

Height:2.8 inches (71mm)
Width:3.0 inches (76mm)
Depth:.75 inches (19mm)
Weight:3.3 ounces (93g)
Connectors and controls
Battery and capacity
Power Source:½ AA lithium battery
Recording Time:24 hours
Dormant Mode:7 days
Internal Memory:128 MB
Available Channels
12 Total, 24 Bit ADC
Sampling rates exceed new guidelines
Heart Rate
Pressure Flow
Snore (derived from pressure)
Thermal Flow
RIP Chest Effort
RIP Abdomen Effort
Event Marker
Body Position (internal sensor)
EKG (250Hz), EMG (250Hz) or
Snoring Audio (2000Hz)
Sound Level
CPAP Pressure
Status indicator
*  Waiting to Collect
*  Collecting
*  Low Battery
*  No SpO2/Pulse Signal
Clearances & Certificates
Health Canada
European CE
IEC 60601
Australian TGA


In the kit

Oximetry finger probe
Snore microphone   
2 RIP respiratory effort belts   
6 Oronasal PureFlow® cannulae  
EKG/EMG lead yoke adapter
Preparation accessories
PLM adapter
Airflow thermistor   
Unparalelled BRAEBON support
Analysis Software
As simple as a few mouse clicks
Meets guidelines for full disclosure
and simplified tools for manually
scoring or editing automated results
Guided device configuration
with user-defined options
Set the recorder to automatically
start at a specified date and time
Computer-assisted scoring marks
all desaturations, respiratory,
PLM, and snoring events
Powerful event editing
Print any part of the recording                                        
with a user-selected epoch size                                                     
Export recordings in EDF for                                           System Requirements
research applications                                                       PC with a USB 2.0 port
Microsoft Word® templates specific                                  5 GB of hard disk space
to dental and cardiology sleep                                          Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2
medicine                                                                        or Windows XP SP3 (32 bit versions)
*Product features and specifications are subject to change without notice and may not be exactly as shown.

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